Breaking Bad Finale & The Nit-Pickers


I’m amazed how many people are out there complaining about the ending of Breaking Bad. I truly believe there was no ending they could have possibly done that these people wouldn’t have complained about. I thought the finale was beautiful and meaningful. When the show ended I felt overwhelmed, relieved and satisfied. In fact, I think I’m a little bit in shock right now, I don’t think I’ve fully processed the end.

What most people are saying is that the ending was too perfect. Too perfect? Really? Ok, did I have to suspend a little bit of belief for some of it but it worked for me and I was able to suspend belief to go along with the plot. I thought the cinematography and acting was above and beyond, as usual. Did I figure out the Stevia thing before it happened? Yes but I was still excited when that part was revealed.

Maybe it’s just because I really like to enjoy the shows I love and am willing to go along with the flow to a degree (I was not able to do this with the Dexter finale). I just want to enjoy this one last Breaking Bad ride, wherever it took me. I’m sure if I wanted to I could sit down and nitpick every little thing about the last episode but I loved it and I’m leaving it at that. Maybe some people want to dig into this episode so much because they aren’t ready to let it go and I can understand that. That’s why I’m listening to all the podcasts I possibly can, so I can squeeze out as much Breaking Bad as I can.

But I won’t be one of the people bitching about every little detail about the show. I’m a fan and I went down with this ship and I loved every minute of it.


Orange is the New Black


Why would I check out a show that’s about a woman’s prison? A few reasons:

  • I love Laura Prepon, have since That 70s Show
  • The idea of the show is intense and kind of twisted, so of course I’m on board.
  • It was created by the same people as Weeds and I enjoyed Weeds, at least for a while.
  • The show is different than any other show I’ve ever seen and I love something totally different.
  • The characters are all over the place and you never know what they’ll do next, that’s pure gold in tv land.
  • It’s on Netflix and I automatically like things better when they are on Netflix because I can watch it whenever I feel like it.

The show is clever, funny, dark and honest. I can admit that many times I’ve watched this and thought I’m so glad I’m not in prison. And my husband was quick to tell me I wouldn’t last 10 minutes there, which is probably true. But seriously, if you like dark comedies and you like shows that dig really dip then you have to try this show.

TV Shows I Divorced

I rarely give up on a show entirely. Sometimes I’ll walk away for a while and then catch up here and there if it’s on Netflix or something. One show I did that with is Grey’s Anatomy because initially I chose CSI and House MD over it (a while back they were on at the same time) but then the show just got a bit Melrose Placey. However, if the new shows are on Netflix and I have nothing else to watch, I’ll totally watch it.

I was fairly into the show Revenge but it wasn’t a show I had to see or anything. However, I watched it mostly every week and was invested enough not to walk away. Then season 2 came and very quickly I was just not interested anymore. I think I watched 1 or 2 shows of season 2 and then just walked away entirely.

I stayed for a while with True Blood but a few episodes into the last season I just stopped bothering and I don’t miss it at all. The show got way too campy for me and way too out there. A bunch of shirtless guys is not enough for me to watch a show, actually that’s part of what started to irritate me about the show to begin with. I liked the show not because of vampires or studly men but because of the way they portrayed vampires, I found it interesting but it’s lost the original feel of the show for me. I think once you lose interest in the characters you lose interest in the show.

Most of the time I stick with a show to the very end, such as Weeds and trust me, it wasn’t easy. The L Word got awful in the last season and the finale was one of the most disappointing finales I’ve ever seen. I don’t know what keeps me watching one show that I’m not excited about anymore and give up on another show entirely.

What shows have you divorced?

Top 5 Best Drama Series

Only American shows, it gets too complicated including British shows, I won’t do that to myself.

5. Friday Night Lights – While this show did not always have the best writing (the murder plot we’ll never be able to forget or forgive) the show always had unbelievably heart and characters and the cinematography was astonishing. I never expected a show that was so much about football to really get to me so much.

4. Homeland – Not a lot I can say about this show, it’s just great, some think it’s the best and that’s not exactly a statement I can make but top 5 for sure.

3. Six Feet Under – For me, this show really took dramas to a new level, I’d never seen anything so exposed and raw before. The show really cared about taking chances and breaking ground. To this day, no series ending has ever made me cry so much. Now Netflix just needs to add the show so I can watch it again, if only I could afford to buy the series.

2. Mad Men – not every episode is epic and a mind fuck but when it is, wow, it’s just phenomenal. What I really love about this show (aside from the acting and just the look of the show) is all the hidden meaning and how it really gets you to think and talk about the show.

1. Breaking Bad – for me everything on this show really does blow away all other shows. The writing, the casting, the acting and the cinematography, it never ceases to amaze me. This show fucks with my head every episode to the point sometimes I dread watching the show because it’s so disturbingly intense.

I will admit I have not yet watched The Sopranos or The Wire and those might be in my top 5 if I’d seen them. I may change my top 5 when I get around to it.

Spending Time With the Bluth Family Again

So the new season of Arrested Development came back on Netflix (all 15 episodes at once) and within a few days I watched every episode. Here is a breakdown on my thoughts of the 4th series of a show that was cancelled 7 years ago.

  • My first honest thought when the series started was “it’s Michael! yay! I love you!”
  • My second thought briefly after that was “why does this not feel quite right?”
  • The best way I can explain how it feels off (not so much bad but off) was that there is so much that is different that of course it’s not going to be the same. The quality of filming is different. The characters are older. Not everyone is in every episode together like before, it’s broken up, which was a hard pill to swallow.
  • I found myself laughing, a lot, though maybe not as much as the original 3 seasons.
  • My least favorite episodes were George Senior’s episodes and unfortunately he had 2. He might be my least favorite character though I can’t explain why. I also just didn’t enjoy Lindsay’s episode.
  • Episodes I liked were George’s and Buster’s probably.
  • There just wasn’t enough Buster, I kept waiting to see him (my favorite character) and he was barely there. Also I love him with his family and he was almost never with them.
  • Michael not working for his family definitely was an issue I think because the whole show used to be centered around just that. I hate the movie plot idea thing entirely and my husband was incensed that Ron Howard was even on the show but then he gets upset when shows break the fourth wall, I have no idea why.
  • Of course then there was the ending and I’m usually someone who kind of like ambiguous endings but this was clearly a way to lure us back in again down the line. I’m relatively ok with that assuming they go back to their old format next time.

All On Board

My little shipper heart is sailing because of last night’s New Girl and The Mindy Project. I’ve loved both of the main love interests since the beginning, long before there was any acknowledged love between any of them. I can smell tv chemistry a mile away, it’s a gift.

Nick & Jess had undeniable chemistry from day one and you missed it, you weren’t paying attention. They were roommates, then they were friends, then there was this awkwardness between them and now, they are officially a couple.


We’ll never forget that kiss. I think most viewers just sat there with their jaw on the floor. Boys, that’s how you kiss a girl, take note.


Danny & Mindy were more of a subtle chemistry but still completely palatable if you ask me, I think it was a little less obvious because Mindy Kaling was trying to really focus the viewers on getting to know Mindy and the other characters as much as possible.

She didn’t KISS him!!!!

The Moment

Both shows are written so well and are so much fun that you don’t obsess every moment over these couples getting together, you enjoy the journey of everyone on the show including the 2 people that are clearly meant to be together forever. Then every once and a while you get a little taste of that couple and all is right with the world. Now, alas, I must wait until next season…

Ready. Set. Veronica Mars Movie


I had some very good news today, though possibly not news some might consider exciting but I certainly do. I found out that the Veronica Mars Movie is an actual possibility! There is a Kickstarter just for this movie and they are trying to raise a whopping $2,000,000!! In one day they’ve reached nearly $700,000 but the momentum has to continue.

I never thought I’d like the show Veronica Mars, not because it was a teen show on the WB or CW or whatever it was back then, but because at a point in my life I wasn’t really drawn to crime shows. I also wondered if this show was at all scifi because the whole “Mars” thing threw me off. I’m not proud of this fact but there it is.

A friend convinced me to try the show that I’d probably like it and a couple years, a copy of the entire series (including season 3) and many many viewings I’m a huge fan. Just now I’m thinking it’s only been too long since I’ve watched the whole show, which is probably like 3 or 4 months.

Oh yeah, I’ve also written some fanfiction for the show, which I think is half decent…for fanfiction. It takes place at the same time the movie would take place: at their 10 year reunion. I’d be happy to have Rob Thomas use some of my ideas if he wanted to, I wouldn’t even ask for anything but maybe a picture with the cast. Ok, I’m now officially sounding like a teenager.

More posts on Veronica Mars will come in the future, keep posted and go donate!