My Life – One Day at a Time


  • Right now I’m reading The Spectacular Now and loving it, it’s reminding me of reading One Day and I looooooved that book, read it several times now. I just really hope I don’t end up curled up in a ball and sobbing at the end like with the latter book.
  • I had some horrible thigh pain this week that made it hard to walk or even move my leg but it’s mostly gone now. I am planning to go back to the gym tomorrow even though my Chiro said no elliptical or treadmill but I think the treadmill will be ok. I figure that not exercising isn’t good either and I can’t walk outside everyday. Plus, I get a better workout at the gym.
  • My show Skins is over and I’m sad but I think it’s time to let it go and by let it go I mean just continually watch the old episodes over and over and over again.
  • On the plus side Breaking Bad is coming back on Sunday. I can’t decide if I should go watch it at one of Manly Man’s friend’s houses or just wait to see it on Monday. If I watch it at their place and they piss me off during it it’s not going to be pretty.
  • I finished The Sopranos and don’t know if I want to write up a post now comparing it to Breaking Bad or wait until Breaking Bad is over? I mean, it’s only 8 more episodes. ::sniff::
  • Sometimes I think I really want to have friends over or go see friends and then I think, no, I think I’ll lay in my hammock or go to my beach instead. Just thinking about dealing with people makes me tired.
  • Speaking of people, family, sigh. Can I just move to England now and just give up on being close to my family?

Oh Yes, I’m An Anglophile

Here is proof:


My wall at work.


My miniature Mini with the Union Jack (I do not yet have a life size version).


The tee I made for the show I love Misfits, I also made one for Skins.


I named my little cactus at work after Rudy from Misfits.


The cat we adopted most recently I named Miles, after Chris Miles from the British series Skins.

I also have a British Telly blog that coincides with my tumblr of the same name. I love everything England though and I’d move there if we could afford it and if my husband wanted to as much as I do. I admit though, I’d probably enjoy England a bit more if I was single and in my twenties. Oh and pets are really tough (and expensive) to move overseas. So until then I’ll just be an Anglophile who dreams a lot.