French Toast & Marsala

2 new recipes to add to our home cookbook and as always added to my Voila Pinterest board where I put everything I’ve tried.


Overnight French Toast – Personally I didn’t add any of the stuff that you are supposed to sprinkle on top, I didn’t think it needed more sugar when we were going to put syrup on it anyway. I also used challah bread, which is a very eggy bread and perfect for french toast. It was beyond delicious.


Chicken Marsala – Didn’t look the way I expected as the color was really light and it was a bit watery but it tasted good so I’d recommend it. next time we might try using actual Marsala wine instead of dry white wine.


Chicken, Mushrooms, Tomatoes and Pasta

I have 2 new recipes to share:

Grilled Mushrooms

This was delicious and I think pretty easy.

Parmesan Chicken

I loved this recipe, very simple and delicious.

wpid-IMG_20130905_173242.jpg wpid-7bd9bd245fd23908a735c64dfaf1069c.jpg

Fresh Tomato Pasta Sauce

I think this had potential but as you can see my husband blended the sauce when he probably should have just chopped and mixed it. It tasted good but it was weird being so saucy but uncooked, if that makes sense. We’ll try this again for sure.

As always, I got all of these from Pinterest where I have a board just for stuff I’ve tried (good and bad) titled Voila!

Pasta Salad & Mosquitoes

A few more things we’ve tried out from Pinterest.


Fresh Summer Tomato Pasta with Lemon and Garlic – the original recipes also has capers but I don’t like capers however my husband does. So he just added capers to his bowl an I felt it tasted just fine without it. It’s basically a pasta salad but a little zestier. This one is definitely going in our recipe book.

My husband also tried the DIY Mosquito Trap, twice, an neither time did it work.

As usual you can find all the trials and tribulations at my Pinterest board Voila!

Muffins & Omelets

Muffins & Omelets

We’re trying to cook more at home and to be inspired to cook more the trick I think is to keep finding new recipes. Pinterest is a huge help for this and all the recipes I try (even if they are a fail) I put them in this board on Pinterest.


This is a no flour banana oat muffin, pretty great except I felt it could have used a bit of salt. These are great for snacks or breakfast to fill you up.


This was an egg white omelet with tomatoes and mozzarella. This was pretty good but I feel it could have used more seasoning, just not sure what that is. I used basil with mine, maybe fresh bazil?