Pasta Salad & Mosquitoes

A few more things we’ve tried out from Pinterest.


Fresh Summer Tomato Pasta with Lemon and Garlic – the original recipes also has capers but I don’t like capers however my husband does. So he just added capers to his bowl an I felt it tasted just fine without it. It’s basically a pasta salad but a little zestier. This one is definitely going in our recipe book.

My husband also tried the DIY Mosquito Trap, twice, an neither time did it work.

As usual you can find all the trials and tribulations at my Pinterest board Voila!


Websites I Can’t Live Without


I saw this post by Jenny and got an idea to share some of my favorite sites.

Goodreads: This is where I keep track of all the books I’m reading and what books I started and hated and what books are my favorite. I honestly dont’ know what I’d do without this site.

IMDB: I swear I’ve been using this site since the beginning of time. I try to rate every movie I watch and I have an obsessive need to look up actors I recognize.

Postcrossing: I came across this site a bit ago and I love it. I’ve sent and received around 100 postcards.

Pinterest: I know everyone does Pinterest and who cares but honestly, I love it. I don’t just post things for no reason. Ok, sometimes I post stuff for fun but I also post recipes I want to try, DIY ideas and stuff I’ve tried out myself and how it worked out.

Yelp: I love this site for finding places to try. I know Yelp has gotten a lot of flack for people posting ridiculous reviews and hurting businesses but I find you can tell the real reviews from the crap reviews.

All these links are my own profiles so you can add me if you want or at least get a feel for what these sites are really about. You can find lots of other sites I use in the sidebar.

Easter & Pinterest

So both of the Pinterest ideas I tried for Easter didn’t exactly work as planned.

This egg dying idea I got at this blog, did not quite come out how they pictured it.

rubber band easter eggs

This is how ours came out. Still pretty cool looking but we’re skeptical how they got it to look the way it did.


I also tried to do this bouquet idea but it took a lot of time to do and we ran out of jelly beans. Oh well, pretty cool but not worth the time it took. Oh and we decided to put the jelly beans on with pieces of paper clips instead of glue so you could eat them. The one I did is on the right. Looking back we definitely got way too big of a styrofoam ball. Oh and we used sour jelly beans that had some awesome colors I think.

etg4 IMG_0398

All in all these Pinterest ideas not exactly a fail but not exactly a win either.

Painting Nails 101

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve painted my nails and they chip within a couple days or sometimes by the next day or they just peal right off. Luckily I made friends with a couple girls who have become experts and they taught me the right way.


Here it is:

1. Clean your nails off, wash them with soap too helps.

2. Buff your nails.

3. Put on a bottom coat of Orly Bonder.

4. Put 2 coats of nailpolish, doesn’t really matter what brand from what I can tell.

5. Put a top coat of Orly Won’t Chip

I swear this isn’t a paid post for Orly, this is just what my friends showed me and it works. The  last 2 times I’ve followed these directions my nailpolish has lasted 5 days to a week but I also file a lot so I put a lot of wear on my nails during the day.

So give it a try and leave a comment and let me know if it works!

DIY Mug Designs

DIY Mug Designs

For our 10 year anniversary we decided to go a DIY route, which came out pretty damn cute but as you can see by the cat drawing, it didn’t really last. We’re sad, we might try to do this again with porcelain markers, these were just oil based sharpies. Either way, they look great but when you try to wash them the ink comes off.