Banana Cake Perfection


Fantastic Banana Cake, delicious. Another recipe added to my Pinterest Board.

Also I need to mention I did not use the cream cheese frosting recipe, I used another recipe that I’m a fan of.


French Toast & Marsala

2 new recipes to add to our home cookbook and as always added to my Voila Pinterest board where I put everything I’ve tried.


Overnight French Toast – Personally I didn’t add any of the stuff that you are supposed to sprinkle on top, I didn’t think it needed more sugar when we were going to put syrup on it anyway. I also used challah bread, which is a very eggy bread and perfect for french toast. It was beyond delicious.


Chicken Marsala – Didn’t look the way I expected as the color was really light and it was a bit watery but it tasted good so I’d recommend it. next time we might try using actual Marsala wine instead of dry white wine.

Chicken, Mushrooms, Tomatoes and Pasta

I have 2 new recipes to share:

Grilled Mushrooms

This was delicious and I think pretty easy.

Parmesan Chicken

I loved this recipe, very simple and delicious.

wpid-IMG_20130905_173242.jpg wpid-7bd9bd245fd23908a735c64dfaf1069c.jpg

Fresh Tomato Pasta Sauce

I think this had potential but as you can see my husband blended the sauce when he probably should have just chopped and mixed it. It tasted good but it was weird being so saucy but uncooked, if that makes sense. We’ll try this again for sure.

As always, I got all of these from Pinterest where I have a board just for stuff I’ve tried (good and bad) titled Voila!

DIY Wrap Bracelets

They were fairly easy and came out cute. I plan to make more. I also found that having a way to hang it from something while I was wrapping it helped a lot. Also using a spring clamp (or clothes pin) to keep the wrapping from loosening add you go along.




The directions can be found here.

DIY Watercolor Nails

So I came across this nail art idea and gave it a try the other night. Mind you mine did not come out as good as this person but I’m hoping with practice I can do it better. Also I want to try with some different colors.

Here is the tutorial by Rebecca Likes Nails and this picture is how it was supposed to look:

Rebecca Likes Nails

I found that brushing the acetone on was trickier than I anticipated, if you brushed too much in a certain way it took away all the color you just put as a drop on your nail but if you used too little it smudged it more than made it look like water color. Still, I think my nails look kind of cool and I’ll definitely do this again. My left hand came out better than my right hand.

Right hand, definitely not as good, plus now I realize this nail has a few chips in it. Damn.