Bully – The Documentary


I’ve been wanting to see the movie Bully (a documentary) for a long time. I believe this is a documentary that every single child and parent need to see. You know what? Everyone should see this. It was really hard to watch, I cried through almost the entire thing. I was bullied a lot growing up and it always brings it all back. I hate that some of the bullying has stayed with me all these years and haunts me to this day. I still can’t fully trust my friends because of how I was treated in elementary school and I’m not sure I ever will.

The thing is, we just can’t keep putting our heads in the sand and refusing to know what is really going on. Whatever hell I went through being bullied in school pales in comparison to what kids are going through now with the internet and phones. At least when I went home I was able to get away from it for a few hours or days. No child should live in that much pain when it can be stopped.


Ready. Set. Veronica Mars Movie


I had some very good news today, though possibly not news some might consider exciting but I certainly do. I found out that the Veronica Mars Movie is an actual possibility! There is a Kickstarter just for this movie and they are trying to raise a whopping $2,000,000!! In one day they’ve reached nearly $700,000 but the momentum has to continue.

I never thought I’d like the show Veronica Mars, not because it was a teen show on the WB or CW or whatever it was back then, but because at a point in my life I wasn’t really drawn to crime shows. I also wondered if this show was at all scifi because the whole “Mars” thing threw me off. I’m not proud of this fact but there it is.

A friend convinced me to try the show that I’d probably like it and a couple years, a copy of the entire series (including season 3) and many many viewings I’m a huge fan. Just now I’m thinking it’s only been too long since I’ve watched the whole show, which is probably like 3 or 4 months.

Oh yeah, I’ve also written some fanfiction for the show, which I think is half decent…for fanfiction. It takes place at the same time the movie would take place: at their 10 year reunion. I’d be happy to have Rob Thomas use some of my ideas if he wanted to, I wouldn’t even ask for anything but maybe a picture with the cast. Ok, I’m now officially sounding like a teenager.

More posts on Veronica Mars will come in the future, keep posted and go donate!