Instagram Snippets

Not a lot of people do these but I like to, I think I’ll really enjoy them in the future. They are like little snippets of my life.

My life sitting in traffic.

My life of Aurora drinking milk her special way.

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My life playing games with Miles.

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My husband playing for me.

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One more.

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1 Year With Miles

I can’t believe it’s been 1 year since we adopted our little bear Miles. When we adopted him we had just a week before lost our little boy Pilot and were just utterly devestated. I made the move to adopt because I wanted to love a kitty again and not being able to love a kitty was the hardest part. Having a little buddy to sit next to me or on my lap was what gets me through some days and at a time like that I really needed it.

When we adopted him it was kind of a whirlwind as we just happened to stop by to start the process of looking into adoption and he came right up to us. We didn’t really think about it, just picked him. When we came home we thought for a day or 2 maybe we rushed things but after a week or 2 as he got comfortable we knew we’d made the right decision. Now, we can’t imagine our lives without him, he’s an incredibly loving and so much fun. He’s also unbelievably handsome, everyone comments on that. He’s our little panther, our bear as we call him. He’s healed our hearts and made us a family again.

Shame and Fame

I was casually reading Buzzfeed on my lunch break and since I love cats I was checking out Cat-Shaming At It’s Best. As I scrolled through suddenly I saw that my picture of my cat Miles was #13 on the list. That blew me away! I didn’t submit his picture, they just included it from my flickr picture.

The Shame

So then my husband started looking around and his picture is also used in a Cat Shamping App for iPhones.

Miles, of course, is unimpressed by all this attention.

Everyone Loves Miles

It’s so funny, everyone is crazy about Miles. I’m not sure what it is. I mean I adore him but I also adore Aurora and adored Pilot so I think they are all beyond adorable. Maybe part of it is that he’s all black head to toe and polydactyl. Maybe it’s that his eyes are so often so wide and curious. Maybe it’s that he’s really friendly and will come sit on your lap. Maybe it’s that he looks like a tiny panther.

I started a Facebook page for him because people are so in love with him. He’s incredibly photogenic so for someone who loves to take pictures of her cats I have a lot of pictures in only a handful of months that I’ve spent with him.

His background is he was living on the street for a while and a nice woman took him in. She then brought him to the local vet and soon after that we met him and adopted him. While living on the street he had some kind of fight and has a bunch of scars on his back mostly. I joke that his scars are like comb-overs, these bald patches that have fur sort of covering them.

So here are some pictures of him.