The Almighty Mac


I used Mac computers as a kid but when I got older I simply couldn’t afford them so I started getting PCs (poor people can’t afford Macs). I like PCs, they aren’t perfect but I find them dependable and I like their setup (ie. right click). I will admit some things about Macs I like better, nothing really specific but I have enjoyed using the old Macbook I got from my dad.

Problem is, on the Mac the internet barely works for no reason we can figure out. Also it likes to simply shut off, out of nowhere. Just shuts off, right in the middle of something. Like Steve Jobs is giving me the finger.

I googled about these problems and it turns out it’s really really common with Macbooks. I thought Macs were pure perfection, that’s how others make Macs out to be when I tend to say I like PCs better.


This week: missing tooth filling, laptop in need of CPR and pluming on life support. Can we just consider this week a FAIL and we all go home to watch Netflix? Nothing bad seems to happen when you watch Netflix.

Bloated & Broken

  • I’m bloated, which is really sucky when you’re trying to be healthy because it does NOT motivate you (or me at least). I’m still keeping track of what I eat though, every single day.
  • My laptop is very broken, our usual place can’t seem to fix it so it’s going to another place to be fixed. I really hope they can fix it otherwise we’re screwed.
  • I have a couple days off next week and am going to see another spine specialist about my back, really hoping I can get some long term relief.
  • In a state of being obsessed with Breaking Bad right now, listening to at least 3 different podcasts every week.
  • Can someone remind me to stretch every morning? I can’t seem to get my act together in the morning to do anything but shower, get dressed and brush my teeth.
  • I want to exercise more now that my leg feels better, I miss the gym but am worried the treadmill will mess my leg up again. For now I’m going for walks with Manly Man.
  • Found a cat claw on my desk at work, which I think solidifies the extent of my cat lady-ness.

claw shell