1st Goal Reached

I reached the weight that I put down for the Challenge I joined at work and the challenge is over officially and I came in 4th place. I can’t believe. I’m still in shock but taking it one day at a time.

Here are some  pretty graphs of my progress:



In one month I have only gone over calories like 3 times, which I think is pretty good. In fact, I think I need to lower my daily calories but I’ll wait to do that when the Challenge is over next week. So My Fitness Pal can stop yelling at me for being too far under my daily calories.

Here are some of my other goals:

  • Next Weight goal is a big one, not telling you the amount but it’s huge for me and it’s only 4 lbs away.
  • Size 16.
  • March (possible Florida trip with my husband, brother, SIL and parents) going back to a spot we used to go all the time when I was young.
  • Hiking next spring/summer (haven’t been able to do anything like that for a while, one time I was doing a photo shoot with a friend and I was having a hard time breathing and sweating so much)

I don’t want to get too carried away and put too much pressure on myself, it is what it is. So far I’m doing good and I want to focus on today, not tomorrow.