First Amendment & Ignorance

I have a lot of pet peeves but hey, I’m a Masshole so it’s expected. I think I’ve decided today I realized my biggest pet peeve, ignorance, it drives me utterly insane. I realize ignorance isn’t more rampant than it was decades ago it’s just ignorance has a voice on the internet and they can easily get more of the wrong information quicker now.

Every single time something like this happens in the news people get their knickers in a twist and start ranting about how the first amendment is being taken away. I want to slap them all or punch them or just, you know, tell them they are an ignorant moron. So I got all irritated this morning on twitter and such and then I saw this video, now I feel better.

Please share this video, especially with those people you come across who are supporting this show and their “freedom of speech” and give them a good slap for good measure.