Breaking Bad Finale & The Nit-Pickers


I’m amazed how many people are out there complaining about the ending of Breaking Bad. I truly believe there was no ending they could have possibly done that these people wouldn’t have complained about. I thought the finale was beautiful and meaningful. When the show ended I felt overwhelmed, relieved and satisfied. In fact, I think I’m a little bit in shock right now, I don’t think I’ve fully processed the end.

What most people are saying is that the ending was too perfect. Too perfect? Really? Ok, did I have to suspend a little bit of belief for some of it but it worked for me and I was able to suspend belief to go along with the plot. I thought the cinematography and acting was above and beyond, as usual. Did I figure out the Stevia thing before it happened? Yes but I was still excited when that part was revealed.

Maybe it’s just because I really like to enjoy the shows I love and am willing to go along with the flow to a degree (I was not able to do this with the Dexter finale). I just want to enjoy this one last Breaking Bad ride, wherever it took me. I’m sure if I wanted to I could sit down and nitpick every little thing about the last episode but I loved it and I’m leaving it at that. Maybe some people want to dig into this episode so much because they aren’t ready to let it go and I can understand that. That’s why I’m listening to all the podcasts I possibly can, so I can squeeze out as much Breaking Bad as I can.

But I won’t be one of the people bitching about every little detail about the show. I’m a fan and I went down with this ship and I loved every minute of it.


Otters & Lemonade


I love otters, other than cats (obviously) they might be my favorite animal. I wish I could have an otter as a pet. Miles would love an otter buddy.

I miss photography but with my back pain lately and hormone issues (and financial issues) it’s beyond me to do but I get requests and it’s very tempting.

I do have photography online for sale, just shots I’ve taken over the years that aren’t portraits.

As always I have a lot of shows in my queue to watch and I don’t even mean my actual Netflix queue, I just mean shows I want to watch and haven’t gotten to yet. I need to finish The Bridge and really want to watch Ray Donovan but I’m very focused on finishing out Breaking Bad at the moment.

I feel bad for the people who don’t watch Breaking Bad and can’t be a part of this moment in history. Oh no wait, I told everyone years ago to watch it so it’s on them.

If lemonade isn’t really sour then what’s the point?

I think I need Crocs or a similar type of shoe. I never thought I’d ever get these kinds of shoes, I hate them, but I need shoes I can slip on to wear when I’m standing a lot at work so I need lightweight super comfy shoes.

Be careful not to overcook shrimp, they seem to easily overcook.

I have big plans this weekend to do as little as possible. I can’t wait!!


Walt’s Journey


I’m starting to think many of us have a connection to Walt (and Jesse) more so than with any of the other characters on Breaking Bad because we’ve been along with them on their journey. In a way, Walt and Jesse’s journey is our journey. I don’t think that means we believe what he did was ok but we’ve been carried around on through every moment of these 2 characters while all the other characters are more peripheral. So it makes sense, that even though Walt is pure evil and we know he won’t get away with everything (most likely), that we’re more invested in him than we are Hank or Skyler.


Bloated & Broken

  • I’m bloated, which is really sucky when you’re trying to be healthy because it does NOT motivate you (or me at least). I’m still keeping track of what I eat though, every single day.
  • My laptop is very broken, our usual place can’t seem to fix it so it’s going to another place to be fixed. I really hope they can fix it otherwise we’re screwed.
  • I have a couple days off next week and am going to see another spine specialist about my back, really hoping I can get some long term relief.
  • In a state of being obsessed with Breaking Bad right now, listening to at least 3 different podcasts every week.
  • Can someone remind me to stretch every morning? I can’t seem to get my act together in the morning to do anything but shower, get dressed and brush my teeth.
  • I want to exercise more now that my leg feels better, I miss the gym but am worried the treadmill will mess my leg up again. For now I’m going for walks with Manly Man.
  • Found a cat claw on my desk at work, which I think solidifies the extent of my cat lady-ness.

claw shell

My Breaking Bad Finale Theories


My theories on the end of Breaking Bad, not in order of plausibility.

  • Jesse or someone he cares about kills him face to face.
  • One of those people kills Walt and then takes his place as the new Heisenberg (ie. Jesse, Skyler or Walt Jr.)
  • He dies of cancer alone in a dingy hotel room and we see his last breath with a look of resignation that he brought himself to the place he is right now.

Those are the ones I think are most plausible.

ps. as of this moment I have not seen the new episode yet, so don’t spoil me.

My Life – One Day at a Time


  • Right now I’m reading The Spectacular Now and loving it, it’s reminding me of reading One Day and I looooooved that book, read it several times now. I just really hope I don’t end up curled up in a ball and sobbing at the end like with the latter book.
  • I had some horrible thigh pain this week that made it hard to walk or even move my leg but it’s mostly gone now. I am planning to go back to the gym tomorrow even though my Chiro said no elliptical or treadmill but I think the treadmill will be ok. I figure that not exercising isn’t good either and I can’t walk outside everyday. Plus, I get a better workout at the gym.
  • My show Skins is over and I’m sad but I think it’s time to let it go and by let it go I mean just continually watch the old episodes over and over and over again.
  • On the plus side Breaking Bad is coming back on Sunday. I can’t decide if I should go watch it at one of Manly Man’s friend’s houses or just wait to see it on Monday. If I watch it at their place and they piss me off during it it’s not going to be pretty.
  • I finished The Sopranos and don’t know if I want to write up a post now comparing it to Breaking Bad or wait until Breaking Bad is over? I mean, it’s only 8 more episodes. ::sniff::
  • Sometimes I think I really want to have friends over or go see friends and then I think, no, I think I’ll lay in my hammock or go to my beach instead. Just thinking about dealing with people makes me tired.
  • Speaking of people, family, sigh. Can I just move to England now and just give up on being close to my family?

The Sopranos vs. Breaking Bad

I’d been meaning to start watching The Sopranos for a while but kept putting it off. One thing that kept bringing me back to considering watching the show – that so many people consider it The Best Show of All Time. Wow, that’s a big statement and since I’m a tv junkie I really had to check this out, mainly because I believe Breaking Bad is the best tv show of all time. So if you are wondering where the comparison comes from, that’s why. Oh and I just realized that I’m not the only one comparing this show but I’ll wait to read this article.

Bear in mind that we’ve seen every single aired episode of Breaking Bad but we’ve only nearly finished the first season of The Sopranos so this is only the beginning of my comparisson. Also I’m comparing the shows on the following: writing, acting, cinematography and originality.

At this point I can admit the writing is pretty fantastic, especially for the show having aired back when there weren’t shows like this on tv. The acting is pretty great as far as I can tell but only a few characters have really stood out to me as impressive. The only catagory that really stands out to me as not even in the same ballpark as Breaking Bad is the cinematography. I’m sure not everyone really cares about how visually artistic a show is but I do, maybe because I’m a photographer, I’m not sure.

Breaking Bad

I realize that you can’t compare these 2 shows without including that The Sopranos is the show that made it possible for Breaking Bad to even exist. Don’t worry, I am keeping that in mind. Who knows, maybe I’ll come out of this experiment with the belief that The Sopranos IS better, anything is possible. Right now though, Breaking is pretty far ahead.

Oh and for those who might wonder, I am starting The Wire as well so all is ok.