Bloated & Broken

  • I’m bloated, which is really sucky when you’re trying to be healthy because it does NOT motivate you (or me at least). I’m still keeping track of what I eat though, every single day.
  • My laptop is very broken, our usual place can’t seem to fix it so it’s going to another place to be fixed. I really hope they can fix it otherwise we’re screwed.
  • I have a couple days off next week and am going to see another spine specialist about my back, really hoping I can get some long term relief.
  • In a state of being obsessed with Breaking Bad right now, listening to at least 3 different podcasts every week.
  • Can someone remind me to stretch every morning? I can’t seem to get my act together in the morning to do anything but shower, get dressed and brush my teeth.
  • I want to exercise more now that my leg feels better, I miss the gym but am worried the treadmill will mess my leg up again. For now I’m going for walks with Manly Man.
  • Found a cat claw on my desk at work, which I think solidifies the extent of my cat lady-ness.

claw shell


Confetti Brand Nail Polish

I’ve always loved this nail polish. The colors always jumped out at me therefore I have several bottles of this stuff. I’ve been wondering lately if this brand is less than reliable when it comes to not chipping and at this point I’m fairly certain of it. No matter what I do or what techniques I use to keep the polish from chipping this brand just never seems to last. I’m not buying this stuff anymore because it’s a waste to me, from now on I’ll mostly just use it on my toes.

Yes, you’ll recognize my nails from my last post about the watercolor technique. The nail that chipped initially that I mentioned I redid only to have two other nails chip a couple days later.


My Back Update

So before my trip to Omaha I was making a lot of improvements in regards to my back pain. I was getting to the point where I’d have days at a time with no pain at all; it was amazing. Then I flew to Omaha, in a tiny plane and the pain came right back. It also didn’t help the 15 hours we had to drive back in a car.

Now I’m back going to the chiropractor, stretching and trying to at least get to the point where I’d left off before my trip. I want to have days at a time without pain. So mostly I try to lay down when I can but when I’m work I try to get up and walk as much as a I can or ice it. When all else fails and I’ve been in pain for hours and I just can’t bare to sit anymore feeling like a sharp stick is being shoved up my back I have to take a pain pill.

I won’t lie, I take these most days because whenever I have to sit in a chair it just gets unbearable. Luckily I don’t get many side effects from these pills except sometimes I get a little sleepy but if I stick to just 1 pill it usually doesn’t really effect me much other than a little relief.

I can’t wait to have my life back and not have this control every aspect of every day.