My Postcrossing Hobby


I’ve been doing Postcrossing (sending postcards through a site to people all over the world and people all over the world sending postcards to me) for over 2 years now and have sent and received more than 165 postcards. Here is some information so you can know more about my postcrossing personality and to learn more about the hobby itself.

These are my top 3 most popular postcards that I’ve sent and one of them is a picture I took myself:

My postcards in total have taken 12.1 laps around the world!

I’ve sent the most postcards to Russia (20) and the USA (18), which doesn’t surprise me at all. On the negative side I can say that sending to Russia can be frustrating because it can take forever for postcards to get there.

I’ve received the most cards from the US.

Apparently the postcards that took the longest to travel to someone was 277 days and it was in the United States, which makes me think she forgot to register it when she got it probably. The other 2 that are in the 200 day were both expired as they never got there and those were going to Russia and Ukraine.

I have my postcards all over my wall in my office at home but I’m running out of room. I’m considering putting them into a binder of some kind but not sure how to go about it as of yet.




-enjoy the LITTLE THINGS in life-

My husband and I worked together to make this. To be fair I came up with the idea, the fonts, the printing and the process of the lettering and my husband did the work. Getting the lettering right was all thanks to a Pinterest post.

French Toast & Marsala

2 new recipes to add to our home cookbook and as always added to my Voila Pinterest board where I put everything I’ve tried.


Overnight French Toast – Personally I didn’t add any of the stuff that you are supposed to sprinkle on top, I didn’t think it needed more sugar when we were going to put syrup on it anyway. I also used challah bread, which is a very eggy bread and perfect for french toast. It was beyond delicious.


Chicken Marsala – Didn’t look the way I expected as the color was really light and it was a bit watery but it tasted good so I’d recommend it. next time we might try using actual Marsala wine instead of dry white wine.

DIY Wrap Bracelets

They were fairly easy and came out cute. I plan to make more. I also found that having a way to hang it from something while I was wrapping it helped a lot. Also using a spring clamp (or clothes pin) to keep the wrapping from loosening add you go along.




The directions can be found here.

DIY Watercolor Nails

So I came across this nail art idea and gave it a try the other night. Mind you mine did not come out as good as this person but I’m hoping with practice I can do it better. Also I want to try with some different colors.

Here is the tutorial by Rebecca Likes Nails and this picture is how it was supposed to look:

Rebecca Likes Nails

I found that brushing the acetone on was trickier than I anticipated, if you brushed too much in a certain way it took away all the color you just put as a drop on your nail but if you used too little it smudged it more than made it look like water color. Still, I think my nails look kind of cool and I’ll definitely do this again. My left hand came out better than my right hand.

Right hand, definitely not as good, plus now I realize this nail has a few chips in it. Damn.