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Why You Need To Watch My Mad Fat Diary

You need to know about this show.

The British Telly


I put off watching My Mad Fat Diary for a long time or at least long enough that season 2 is right around the corner (this February). Why did I not watch it? I don’t know, probably because I judged it. Why would I want to watch a show about a sad girl going on and on about being fat, I have my own life for that 😉 But people on tumblr kept recommending it so I finally gave it a try on xmas day and we ended up watching the entire season.


To say we loved it would be a vast understatement, the show is pure genius and utterly loveable. It’s so well-written and clever, as many British shows are. It’s a genuine show that a girl like me growing up who isn’t perfect looking can love and see that they can have more.

There are so many wonderful…

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Holiday Cards

Just letting you know a bunch of new Menorah shots are up in my photography gallery that can be ordered (even holiday cards).

My Postcrossing Hobby


I’ve been doing Postcrossing (sending postcards through a site to people all over the world and people all over the world sending postcards to me) for over 2 years now and have sent and received more than 165 postcards. Here is some information so you can know more about my postcrossing personality and to learn more about the hobby itself.

These are my top 3 most popular postcards that I’ve sent and one of them is a picture I took myself:

My postcards in total have taken 12.1 laps around the world!

I’ve sent the most postcards to Russia (20) and the USA (18), which doesn’t surprise me at all. On the negative side I can say that sending to Russia can be frustrating because it can take forever for postcards to get there.

I’ve received the most cards from the US.

Apparently the postcards that took the longest to travel to someone was 277 days and it was in the United States, which makes me think she forgot to register it when she got it probably. The other 2 that are in the 200 day were both expired as they never got there and those were going to Russia and Ukraine.

I have my postcards all over my wall in my office at home but I’m running out of room. I’m considering putting them into a binder of some kind but not sure how to go about it as of yet.