INFJ, Introvert, HSP, Empathic and a Pisces


My whole life I’ve never thought much of it, I just thought I was really strange (well I am but that’s besides the point) but then within the last few years I realized there was a name for people like me. Someone who is very emotional, has an over-active imagination, craves connections with other people beyond the surface, worries needlessly, awkward socially, requires a LOT of space, gets overwhelmed easily, can see through people all too often to the point it’s hard to have relationships with people and very stuck in my head most of the time.

I’ve always cried at the drop of the hat my whole life and had trouble dealing with things that overwhelmed me but it wasn’t until I got older and I was at a party where I was having a nice time and suddenly I just felt exhausted and had to go into another room to shut down a bit. I just sat there alone in the room for a while not talking or anything, just trying to relax.

At the age of 35 now I know how much I can handle and how much is too much. I take a lot of time for myself now and don’t make too many plans for a short period of time. If I have a party to go to on a Saturday I’ll make sure that Sunday I have to myself. For me watching tv and reading is what truly calms me down and helps me deal with things better. Escaping for me is important, it’s a big part of being a pisces I think, having a world besides your own to go to when your own world is just too much.

Sometimes I honestly think this world is too much for me. This is one of the reasons I am not having children, because I think it will be too much for me. I think I could love a child with all my heart but I think I might go insane caring for one day in and day out.

So what I do is I try to make the best decisions for myself and let myself say no when I’m just not up for something. I take long walks when I’m overwhelmed and I don’t apologize for being who I am despite how few people get it. The only thing I still can’t help but wish for is for more people to understand me because it seems most people in my life just think I’m weird and don’t bother to really figure me out.


8 thoughts on “INFJ, Introvert, HSP, Empathic and a Pisces

  1. You are not alone. As an INFJ parent though (my perspective) you are missing out on being a incredibly nurturing parent.

    My best to you,


  2. Hey, you are not alone. I am also a Pisces, INFJ, HSP and empath. I thought same as you wanting no kids. Met soul mate (very patient man, though some days I still want to fly free, I know I’d never find one like him again so I fight my tendency to run which has been my M.O. For my whole relationship life and have recognized my pattern of serial soul mates and bouts of loner artist). Had a child at 40. Holy cow. The love is OVERWHELMING and NEVERENDING. This is the only relationship I don’t get the urge to run away from. Now, I worry incessantly of anything happening to her would utterly destroy me!!! That is a problem, but, wow, what an experience that I would kill to keep. So, it is hard not being able to run away, but worth it. There is always a balance, pros and cons to retreat to “Alone-ville”. People always offend me. I despise most of the human race. I ache for the pain and suffering of the innocents and helpless. Oh, what agony and bliss my life is.

  3. Hey
    I am an empath infj february 19 pisces…hsp but also hss and I fit your profile exsctly, although I have always known myself and my oddities and sensitivies, I am only now learning to accept it and try to step away from the extroverted chaotic world.
    I am a mother ..first and foremost. They are my every breath and I have a deeply rooted passion for children and feel it is my calling to be a mother. But I do believe the task of parenting can be emotionally and mentally harder for a person who wants to be in their head all the time …and who gets frazzled easily

    Without them though I could easily see myself introverting so deep that I wouldn’t be functional.
    It’s lovely how the universe provides you with exactly what I need. For me it’s my children. For you it’s your husband and cats ;P

    Thanks for sharing
    I think it’s important for many of use who share the same personality *tags* to reach out and connect with like minded…to help us not feel so alienated.
    Although it’s important to remember even hough we are the same personality type sharing hsp and empathy and possibility astological symbols…that we are uniquely are own and will still see the world through our own lens.

    Namaste and love.

    • This is wonderful, thank you Chantel. Weird we have the same birthday and share all of that. My stepdaughter is a Feb 19th too. This made my day, thank you.

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