Someecards Are Meant To Be FUNNY

Someecards were created to be funny.

Someecards consists of parodies of the sentiments found in the traditional Hallmark greeting card. – Wikipedia

How do people not get this? Is it an intelligence thing? Is it a cluelessness thing? So far I’ve noticed a lot of the cards that I’ve noticed are more of a statement than humor are more Tea Party-ish.

Here are some I found that appear to be more statements than humor.

51ca962a696d96b711b1964afb09d8d3 810778f2a0f3f81014ede0c6c5fa04c1 MjAxMi04YjhjM2VhMTQxNzM5Yzg4

How do people NOT know that Someecards are about humor? This is one of my new pet peeves.


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