Tumblr You Amuse Me

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I figured out a way to have my self-hosted wordpress blog on wordpress.com so I don’t need this blog anymore. I’m going to combine this blog Bend & Break with my Life Is Not A Movie blog. It’s the same blog so don’t be freaked out and please, follow me šŸ™‚

Someecards Are Meant To Be FUNNY

Someecards were created to be funny.

Someecards consists ofĀ parodiesĀ of the sentiments found in the traditionalĀ HallmarkĀ greeting card. – Wikipedia

How do people not get this? Is it an intelligence thing? Is it a cluelessness thing? So far I’ve noticed a lot of the cards that I’ve noticed are more of a statement than humor are more Tea Party-ish.

Here are some I found that appear to be more statements than humor.

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How do people NOT know that Someecards are about humor? This is one of my new pet peeves.

Breaking Bad Finale & The Nit-Pickers


I’m amazed how many people are out there complaining about the ending of Breaking Bad. I truly believe there was no ending they could have possibly done that these people wouldn’t have complained about. I thought the finale was beautiful and meaningful. When the show ended I felt overwhelmed, relieved and satisfied. In fact, I think I’m a little bit in shock right now, I don’t think I’ve fully processed the end.

What most people are saying is that the ending was too perfect. Too perfect? Really? Ok, did I have to suspend a little bit of belief for some of it but it worked for me and I was able to suspend belief to go along with the plot. I thought the cinematography and acting was above and beyond, as usual. Did I figure out the Stevia thing before it happened? Yes but I was still excited when that part was revealed.

Maybe it’s just because I really like to enjoy the shows I love and am willing to go along with the flow to a degree (I was not able to do this with the Dexter finale). I just want to enjoy this one last Breaking Bad ride, wherever it took me. I’m sure if I wanted to I could sit down and nitpick every little thing about the last episode but I loved it and I’m leaving it at that. Maybe some people want to dig into this episode so much because they aren’t ready to let it go and I can understand that. That’s why I’m listening to all the podcasts I possibly can, so I can squeeze out as much Breaking Bad as I can.

But I won’t be one of the people bitching about every little detail about the show. I’m a fan and I went down with this ship and I loved every minute of it.

I Am Sort Of A Photographer


I’ve been told I have the “eye” for it, which I guess is true but I could write a novel of photographers (many I know) that are such amazing photographers I’m not even anywhere near their league. But the thing is, I love it. I don’t always love dealing with getting paid or clients but I love taking the pictures. I’ve done weddings, maternity, newborns, engagements, portraits, animals and boudoir. My favorite is boudoir and I’ve only done that twice, sadly. It’s hard to convince people to get skimpy for you when you have a camera.

Here is my gallery online, though you can find even more of my pictures on Flickr. You can also find me on Facebook and I have some of my pictures up (these are even for sale) on Pinterest. However I am taking some time off because of my back problems and some other medical issues. I think next spring I will be back and ready to do portrait photography again. For now, it’s about my scenic shots.