1 Year Without Pilot

My baby boy Pilot died 1 year ago today and quite honestly we still miss him so much. I think about him often and we like to visit his grave in the backyard. I have a token of my love for him hanging from my rear view window in my car and I take a moment sometimes to touch it and think of him. I almost never cry over him anymore but it can happen if I really sit and think of him and how we lost him.

1 year ago Pilot (my Moonpie) succumbed to cancer. 4 months before he died we found out he had tumors in his leg and we removed his leg in hopes of saving him. We got 4 more months with him until it reached his lungs and we had to put him down. It was probably the hardest day of my entire life, he was my little baby boy and I still miss him sitting on my lap every day after work. He was just so sweet and loved to cuddle with anyone who wanted a cuddle. He will never ever be forgotten, he is in our hearts forever.



5 thoughts on “1 Year Without Pilot

  1. Thinking of you Robin. They are the family we choose and it’s so hard when we have to say goodbye. I have two girl sister cats and I dread the day that we have to lose either one of them x

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