French Toast & Marsala

2 new recipes to add to our home cookbook and as always added to my Voila Pinterest board where I put everything I’ve tried.


Overnight French Toast – Personally I didn’t add any of the stuff that you are supposed to sprinkle on top, I didn’t think it needed more sugar when we were going to put syrup on it anyway. I also used challah bread, which is a very eggy bread and perfect for french toast. It was beyond delicious.


Chicken Marsala – Didn’t look the way I expected as the color was really light and it was a bit watery but it tasted good so I’d recommend it. next time we might try using actual Marsala wine instead of dry white wine.


Otters & Lemonade


I love otters, other than cats (obviously) they might be my favorite animal. I wish I could have an otter as a pet. Miles would love an otter buddy.

I miss photography but with my back pain lately and hormone issues (and financial issues) it’s beyond me to do but I get requests and it’s very tempting.

I do have photography online for sale, just shots I’ve taken over the years that aren’t portraits.

As always I have a lot of shows in my queue to watch and I don’t even mean my actual Netflix queue, I just mean shows I want to watch and haven’t gotten to yet. I need to finish The Bridge and really want to watch Ray Donovan but I’m very focused on finishing out Breaking Bad at the moment.

I feel bad for the people who don’t watch Breaking Bad and can’t be a part of this moment in history. Oh no wait, I told everyone years ago to watch it so it’s on them.

If lemonade isn’t really sour then what’s the point?

I think I need Crocs or a similar type of shoe. I never thought I’d ever get these kinds of shoes, I hate them, but I need shoes I can slip on to wear when I’m standing a lot at work so I need lightweight super comfy shoes.

Be careful not to overcook shrimp, they seem to easily overcook.

I have big plans this weekend to do as little as possible. I can’t wait!!


1 Year With Miles

I can’t believe it’s been 1 year since we adopted our little bear Miles. When we adopted him we had just a week before lost our little boy Pilot and were just utterly devestated. I made the move to adopt because I wanted to love a kitty again and not being able to love a kitty was the hardest part. Having a little buddy to sit next to me or on my lap was what gets me through some days and at a time like that I really needed it.

When we adopted him it was kind of a whirlwind as we just happened to stop by to start the process of looking into adoption and he came right up to us. We didn’t really think about it, just picked him. When we came home we thought for a day or 2 maybe we rushed things but after a week or 2 as he got comfortable we knew we’d made the right decision. Now, we can’t imagine our lives without him, he’s an incredibly loving and so much fun. He’s also unbelievably handsome, everyone comments on that. He’s our little panther, our bear as we call him. He’s healed our hearts and made us a family again.

1 Year Without Pilot

My baby boy Pilot died 1 year ago today and quite honestly we still miss him so much. I think about him often and we like to visit his grave in the backyard. I have a token of my love for him hanging from my rear view window in my car and I take a moment sometimes to touch it and think of him. I almost never cry over him anymore but it can happen if I really sit and think of him and how we lost him.

1 year ago Pilot (my Moonpie) succumbed to cancer. 4 months before he died we found out he had tumors in his leg and we removed his leg in hopes of saving him. We got 4 more months with him until it reached his lungs and we had to put him down. It was probably the hardest day of my entire life, he was my little baby boy and I still miss him sitting on my lap every day after work. He was just so sweet and loved to cuddle with anyone who wanted a cuddle. He will never ever be forgotten, he is in our hearts forever.


Chicken, Mushrooms, Tomatoes and Pasta

I have 2 new recipes to share:

Grilled Mushrooms

This was delicious and I think pretty easy.

Parmesan Chicken

I loved this recipe, very simple and delicious.

wpid-IMG_20130905_173242.jpg wpid-7bd9bd245fd23908a735c64dfaf1069c.jpg

Fresh Tomato Pasta Sauce

I think this had potential but as you can see my husband blended the sauce when he probably should have just chopped and mixed it. It tasted good but it was weird being so saucy but uncooked, if that makes sense. We’ll try this again for sure.

As always, I got all of these from Pinterest where I have a board just for stuff I’ve tried (good and bad) titled Voila!

1st Goal Reached

I reached the weight that I put down for the Challenge I joined at work and the challenge is over officially and I came in 4th place. I can’t believe. I’m still in shock but taking it one day at a time.

Here are some  pretty graphs of my progress:



In one month I have only gone over calories like 3 times, which I think is pretty good. In fact, I think I need to lower my daily calories but I’ll wait to do that when the Challenge is over next week. So My Fitness Pal can stop yelling at me for being too far under my daily calories.

Here are some of my other goals:

  • Next Weight goal is a big one, not telling you the amount but it’s huge for me and it’s only 4 lbs away.
  • Size 16.
  • March (possible Florida trip with my husband, brother, SIL and parents) going back to a spot we used to go all the time when I was young.
  • Hiking next spring/summer (haven’t been able to do anything like that for a while, one time I was doing a photo shoot with a friend and I was having a hard time breathing and sweating so much)

I don’t want to get too carried away and put too much pressure on myself, it is what it is. So far I’m doing good and I want to focus on today, not tomorrow.