I’m Definitely A “Crazy Cat Lady”

I’m Definitely A “Crazy Cat Lady”

Though aren’t crazy cat ladies supposed to be single, in their 80s and have like 37 cats? I think at this point we’ve updated this term to include anyone who is crazy about their cats more than most think is appropriate. If that’s the case, then I’m one of those people.

  • I hug and kiss my cats everyday, at least I do Miles, Aurora really rejects the whole hug and kisses thing.
  • I think about them when I’m not with them.
  • I take pictures of them constantly and post them.
  • I have a twitter for Aurora.
  • I have a Facebook for Miles and for my cat Pilot who passed away.
  • I have pictures of them, including Pilot, all around my cubicle.
  • They have a bunch of nicknames like Moonpie. Bear Claw and Lucy-fur.
  • My husband and I find ourselves talking about the cats sometimes.

My life is very much about my cats and I’m not ashamed of this. They are such zen and peaceful creatures and spending time with them is often like meditating for me. Some people think cats are really aloof and they don’t care but it’s all about the energy and time you put in with your cat that amounts to what you get back.


2 thoughts on “I’m Definitely A “Crazy Cat Lady”

  1. I’m a crazy cat lady too! I don’t have Twitters or a Facebook for either of my precious babies, but I do talk about them like they’re people… And sometimes, if I’m away from them long enough, I miss them so much I want to cry. Yeah, I know I have problems, but people (and my cats) still love me, so it’s not so bad.

    • I’ve decided there isn’t anything wrong with loving your cats this much, I think there is more something wrong with people who don’t love their cats that much. You care for these little animals and they need you so much, it’s such a unique bond. Last night my Miles cuddled me on the sofa, which he rarely does anymore and I was just in heaven, feeling that love and affection for animals who maybe aren’t built to be that way but develop that feeling over time spent with us. The relationship we have with cats is so much less complicated than our relationship with other people, it’s very pure. Keep loving your little furkids and be proud of it.

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