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Vote Aurora Here! She’s undeniably the cutest little girly cat.


I love really really good iced lattes. Love them beyond belief. However there are like 3 places (all local places not chains) that I like the iced lattes so much I drink every last drop. I’ve noticed recently that I go through the trouble of buying an iced coffee or making an iced coffee at home but I never finish it. Why do I bother? If I don’t drink that little bit of iced coffee though I get a caffeine headache. There must be a way to deal with this, I’m going to figure it out.

Orange is the New Black


Why would I check out a show that’s about a woman’s prison? A few reasons:

  • I love Laura Prepon, have since That 70s Show
  • The idea of the show is intense and kind of twisted, so of course I’m on board.
  • It was created by the same people as Weeds and I enjoyed Weeds, at least for a while.
  • The show is different than any other show I’ve ever seen and I love something totally different.
  • The characters are all over the place and you never know what they’ll do next, that’s pure gold in tv land.
  • It’s on Netflix and I automatically like things better when they are on Netflix because I can watch it whenever I feel like it.

The show is clever, funny, dark and honest. I can admit that many times I’ve watched this and thought I’m so glad I’m not in prison. And my husband was quick to tell me I wouldn’t last 10 minutes there, which is probably true. But seriously, if you like dark comedies and you like shows that dig really dip then you have to try this show.

I’m Definitely A “Crazy Cat Lady”

I’m Definitely A “Crazy Cat Lady”

Though aren’t crazy cat ladies supposed to be single, in their 80s and have like 37 cats? I think at this point we’ve updated this term to include anyone who is crazy about their cats more than most think is appropriate. If that’s the case, then I’m one of those people.

  • I hug and kiss my cats everyday, at least I do Miles, Aurora really rejects the whole hug and kisses thing.
  • I think about them when I’m not with them.
  • I take pictures of them constantly and post them.
  • I have a twitter for Aurora.
  • I have a Facebook for Miles and for my cat Pilot who passed away.
  • I have pictures of them, including Pilot, all around my cubicle.
  • They have a bunch of nicknames like Moonpie. Bear Claw and Lucy-fur.
  • My husband and I find ourselves talking about the cats sometimes.

My life is very much about my cats and I’m not ashamed of this. They are such zen and peaceful creatures and spending time with them is often like meditating for me. Some people think cats are really aloof and they don’t care but it’s all about the energy and time you put in with your cat that amounts to what you get back.

My Back Update

So before my trip to Omaha I was making a lot of improvements in regards to my back pain. I was getting to the point where I’d have days at a time with no pain at all; it was amazing. Then I flew to Omaha, in a tiny plane and the pain came right back. It also didn’t help the 15 hours we had to drive back in a car.

Now I’m back going to the chiropractor, stretching and trying to at least get to the point where I’d left off before my trip. I want to have days at a time without pain. So mostly I try to lay down when I can but when I’m work I try to get up and walk as much as a I can or ice it. When all else fails and I’ve been in pain for hours and I just can’t bare to sit anymore feeling like a sharp stick is being shoved up my back I have to take a pain pill.

I won’t lie, I take these most days because whenever I have to sit in a chair it just gets unbearable. Luckily I don’t get many side effects from these pills except sometimes I get a little sleepy but if I stick to just 1 pill it usually doesn’t really effect me much other than a little relief.

I can’t wait to have my life back and not have this control every aspect of every day.