DIY Instagram Magnets

I was going to order some Instagram magnets through a site but then I thought, why can’t I make these at home myself? Guess what? It worked, so here is what I did.

Obviously you need a printer and you need to pick up a package of magnetic sheets, I got mine at Staples. Then you need to download the pictures you want from Instagram, there are programs and sites you can use to do this. I put them all in a folder on my desktop. Then I used Picasa (if you don’t have it download it, it’s free, I use it all the time just to organize photos) to make a collage with the pictures. Select the pictures you want, Create Collage, choose the grid option and save it. I found that 16 pictures works very well and they come out the right zie.

Print the pictures out on the magnetic sheet. Choose Full Page and shrink to fit. Make sure the printer settings is on Best Photo.

After printing it out we let it dry for a while, we actually waited a whole day but I doubt that’s necessary. We’ve printed things one too many times only to have them smudge so we waited extra long.

Just cut out each picture and you’re done!


5 thoughts on “DIY Instagram Magnets

  1. I found your blog on Pinterest and LOVE this idea! I’ve downloaded Picasa and can’t figure out how to get the grid to show 4×4 or create square photos. Any time I add more than 12 photos it automatically puts them in 5×3. Any tips you have would be greatly appreciated! I have the magnetic sheets and my printer is all fired up and ready to go!

    Thanks so much!

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