Bully – The Documentary


I’ve been wanting to see the movie Bully (a documentary) for a long time. I believe this is a documentary that every single child and parent need to see. You know what? Everyone should see this. It was really hard to watch, I cried through almost the entire thing. I was bullied a lot growing up and it always brings it all back. I hate that some of the bullying has stayed with me all these years and haunts me to this day. I still can’t fully trust my friends because of how I was treated in elementary school and I’m not sure I ever will.

The thing is, we just can’t keep putting our heads in the sand and refusing to know what is really going on. Whatever hell I went through being bullied in school pales in comparison to what kids are going through now with the internet and phones. At least when I went home I was able to get away from it for a few hours or days. No child should live in that much pain when it can be stopped.


One thought on “Bully – The Documentary

  1. I’d not heard of this documentary so thanks for posting. I can’t even imagine what it must be like for young people nowadays, social media makes it a lot easier for the bullies to rope other people in. I hope people/children who bully others watch this, and realise exactly what they are putting others through. Of course, the real irony is that a lot of bullies were bullied themselves, so they already know what it’s like, but carry on anyway.

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