DIY Instagram Magnets

I was going to order some Instagram magnets through a site but then I thought, why can’t I make these at home myself? Guess what? It worked, so here is what I did.

Obviously you need a printer and you need to pick up a package of magnetic sheets, I got mine at Staples. Then you need to download the pictures you want from Instagram, there are programs and sites you can use to do this. I put them all in a folder on my desktop. Then I used Picasa (if you don’t have it download it, it’s free, I use it all the time just to organize photos) to make a collage with the pictures. Select the pictures you want, Create Collage, choose the grid option and save it. I found that 16 pictures works very well and they come out the right zie.

Print the pictures out on the magnetic sheet. Choose Full Page and shrink to fit. Make sure the printer settings is on Best Photo.

After printing it out we let it dry for a while, we actually waited a whole day but I doubt that’s necessary. We’ve printed things one too many times only to have them smudge so we waited extra long.

Just cut out each picture and you’re done!


Shame and Fame

I was casually reading Buzzfeed on my lunch break and since I love cats I was checking out Cat-Shaming At It’s Best. As I scrolled through suddenly I saw that my picture of my cat Miles was #13 on the list. That blew me away! I didn’t submit his picture, they just included it from my flickr picture.

The Shame

So then my husband started looking around and his picture is also used in a Cat Shamping App for iPhones.

Miles, of course, is unimpressed by all this attention.

Nervous About My Outfit

I am trying to put together a sassy outfit for a wedding in June, even though I’ll be doing the photography (so working) most of the time. Still, the outfit is different than what I normally do. I’m starting to wonder if I should do a black top like the woman in the picture or the white as I was intending, especially since my boobs are SO big. I guess I’ll play around with it, I just hope I don’t chicken out, after all this work I put into it.

Cats & Tuna Juice


For as long as I can remember Manly Man has been giving our little girl Aurora tuna juice as one of her favorite treats. It’s a convenient treat because whenever he opens a can of tuna he has to do something with the leftover juice an otherwise it would go down the drain. My boy cats have never really cared about this treat but Aurora goes nuts. I’ve mentioned this to people and usually get the response “OMG I never thought of that!” So here you go, a little trick to make your kittie’s day, enjoy!

Meet Aurora


This is my baby girl Aurora, though she’s no baby anymore as she just turned 10 years old. She’s also been a grumpy old lady for many years now. She’s the one in charge in our house and she doesn’t like anyone other than Manly Man (husband). A friend of a friend’s cat had babies and we went to pick her out. She was about 6 weeks old and I chose her because of 2 reasons a. she had a white bib and white paws and b. she climbed to the top of a scratch post over all the other kittens.

We’ve had Aurora almost the entire time I’ve been with my husband and the two of them bonded immediately over naps and tuna. She adores him beyond belief, follows him everywhere and they even have conversations. I know she loves me but more in the way a kid love their mom that annoys them all the time. Her adoration for him makes me so happy an I can overlook that she doesn’t give me the same attention. However, she has her moments, once in a blue moon, where she gives me attention…it usually last about 45 seconds but I stop whatever I’m doing and enjoy it.


People don’t tend to understand Aurora because she’s not the sweet an cuddly type cat. She can be really aggressive and doesn’t come across very nice. Hell, we gave her the nickname Lucy-fur very soon after adopting her for a reason. But she’s so beautiful and nobody naps quite like her. She has such a big personality and is afraid of guitars. She has white spots on her stomach that make it look like she’s wearing a bikini and she has what we call a “coffee stain” under her chin. Her tummy that has hung down ever since she was spayed we call her “flubby.” One of the most special things about Aurora is nobody loves or understands her like we do, she’s our little girl.

All On Board

My little shipper heart is sailing because of last night’s New Girl and The Mindy Project. I’ve loved both of the main love interests since the beginning, long before there was any acknowledged love between any of them. I can smell tv chemistry a mile away, it’s a gift.

Nick & Jess had undeniable chemistry from day one and you missed it, you weren’t paying attention. They were roommates, then they were friends, then there was this awkwardness between them and now, they are officially a couple.


We’ll never forget that kiss. I think most viewers just sat there with their jaw on the floor. Boys, that’s how you kiss a girl, take note.


Danny & Mindy were more of a subtle chemistry but still completely palatable if you ask me, I think it was a little less obvious because Mindy Kaling was trying to really focus the viewers on getting to know Mindy and the other characters as much as possible.

She didn’t KISS him!!!!

The Moment

Both shows are written so well and are so much fun that you don’t obsess every moment over these couples getting together, you enjoy the journey of everyone on the show including the 2 people that are clearly meant to be together forever. Then every once and a while you get a little taste of that couple and all is right with the world. Now, alas, I must wait until next season…

Happy Furmom Day!

Happy Furmom Day!

My husband gave me this for mother’s day. No, I am not a mother of a human child but I am the only mother my cats know. I keep them fed, safe and I give them hugs and kisses every day. I love them so much and can’t imagine my life without them. I’m still grieving (and always will) for my baby boy Pilot I lost many months ago. So today goes out to all the furmoms out there too!