Back Pain: My Left Foot


One of the first things I learned at my first chiropractic appointment was that because my alignment was off my right leg was shorter than my left leg. Hearing this was my first moment of “aha!” when it came to this whole chiropractic treatment.

You see, for a long time I’ve been confused as to why my left foot always had calluses but my right foot almost never had any. My flip flops regularly wore out on the left one much quicker than it wore out on the right one. I got this horrible pain recently in my left foot and it appears to be a bone spur, which is caused by pressure on that foot. I truly believe at this point that my misalignment has caused a lot more of my problems that I could have ever imagined.

My back still has a lot of pain but I can feel the pain changing, if that makes any sense. Also, I can breathe so much better and I’m sleeping better. I’ll write more about this later but I’m officially a believer in this.


Websites I Can’t Live Without


I saw this post by Jenny and got an idea to share some of my favorite sites.

Goodreads: This is where I keep track of all the books I’m reading and what books I started and hated and what books are my favorite. I honestly dont’ know what I’d do without this site.

IMDB: I swear I’ve been using this site since the beginning of time. I try to rate every movie I watch and I have an obsessive need to look up actors I recognize.

Postcrossing: I came across this site a bit ago and I love it. I’ve sent and received around 100 postcards.

Pinterest: I know everyone does Pinterest and who cares but honestly, I love it. I don’t just post things for no reason. Ok, sometimes I post stuff for fun but I also post recipes I want to try, DIY ideas and stuff I’ve tried out myself and how it worked out.

Yelp: I love this site for finding places to try. I know Yelp has gotten a lot of flack for people posting ridiculous reviews and hurting businesses but I find you can tell the real reviews from the crap reviews.

All these links are my own profiles so you can add me if you want or at least get a feel for what these sites are really about. You can find lots of other sites I use in the sidebar.

Tea Bagging and Friendships


I feel like I’m losing many of my friends to the dark side and I don’t quite know how to deal with it. I think a lot of my friends have started seeing guys who seem to lean more to the Tea Bagger side than to the liberal side. I’m noticing my friends posting more obsessive pro-American posts and a lot of stuff about loving the army and hating President Obama. I would have thought living in Massachusetts would have saved me from so much of this but apparently not.

Now the easiest thing to do would be ignore these things and just stay off of this subject with them but I’m not very good at either of those things. I love my friends so much but it happens all the time that people go in different directions in life and lose touch. I’ve lost touch with a lot of friends over the years because they’ve moved or our lives went in different directions. This never seems to end though, the older you get the harder it is to sustain friendships. At least, it is for me I guess.

I get that it’s not easy on their end to see me sharing things on Facebook about recycling or about changing gun laws or about being disappointed in my country. But to be fair it seems a lot of their stuff is much more aggressive, but maybe I’m just sensitive. Ok, I’m definitely too sensitive. I wish there was a way to block Tea Bagging stuff from my Facebook because I can’t help but get upset when I see such stuff like “IF YOU DON’T LIKE AMERICA — JUST GET OUT.” That pisses me off because:

A. Just because I don’t think American is perfect (and obviously you don’t either since you don’t like the president and many other things about this country) doesn’t mean I have to leave.
B. I actually would love to move away and experience something other than the United States but I can’t afford to go anywhere else.
C. I firmly believe that coddling your child isn’t going to help them become the best they can be so why would it be good for your country?

It’s hard to find ways to be friends with people you love but disagree with so fundamentally. Most people seem to be able to put this aside and pretend it doesn’t exist, I guess I’m just not built this way.

Now Is The Time


I’ve been saying this for years but I feel like I’m at the end of my rope at this point and I want to get healthy. I’ve already spent 1/2 of my thirties feeling like shit 24/7. I know people in their 40s who feel like they are in their late twenties while I’m in my mid thirties and feel like I’m 50.

My first step to getting back on track is going to the chiropractor and not having to deal with back pain. After that I want to focus on healthy things in my life like making better meal choices, being more active again and focusing on being more positive.

I’m so sick of feeling shitty, it’s so hard to do anything and by not wanting to do anything just makes you feel worse. My asthma has been worse than ever. I have an arthritis problem, which can make it difficult to go for a walk (much less run). It’s like I’m in this vicious cycle of work and pain that I can’t get out of and my life feels somewhat non-existant at the moment.

I want to feel good this summer. I want to have energy and be able to go camping. I’d love to go hiking again soon but I fear it won’t happen this summer but who knows. I want to get started on the C25K again because I felt really good last time I did it, even though I didn’t finish it.

It’s been a really dark time for me in the last few months and before that I dealt with the loss of my baby boy Pilot from cancer. I really want a good summer and I think I deserve it.

Back Pain: Part One

One year ago I had some bad back pain but after taking Naproxen for a couple weeks it went away. My back pain came back about 4 months ago and I hoped with some treatment it would go away again but obviously I still have it.

My pain is in my very lower back and moves from my right side to my left side to the middle. I have the most pain when I’m sitting though standing for a long time hurts too. What helps most is walking when I can. I started off just using Naproxen (which never helped as far as I could tell) and doing hot/cold compresses (which helped some but once I took it off the pain came back). The only thing that really worked ever was Icy Hot, which I use all the time but I knew I couldn’t do that forever.

After that I was directed to physical therapy, which at first seemed helpful but I eventually realized it wasn’t helping me. Sometimes when I do stretches I end up in more pain. Out of desperation my doctor gave me pain meds (Tramadol), which actually was helping until I realized it made me just slightly too sleepy to take at work and eventually I think it was making me nauceous. I still take it sometimes when I get home from work and it helps a LOT.

At this point I decided we needed to find out what was wrong with my back so my doctor had me get an MRI. With the MRI I found out I had a “Small central disc protrusion,” which basically means one of the discs in my back is protruding. Ouch! At that point I went to see a spine specialist, which really didn’t help me at all except suggest more stretching. I really wish stretching helped but sometimes I swear it makes it worse.

For a couple weeks after that I was just living in pain, crying everyday. On top of that another medical thing came up that had no relation to my back at all, that sucked. Then I finally decided to go see a Chiropractor because…what do I have to lose? Well, the cost adds up but I was desperate.

Mind you I’m not quite 100% on board with this treatment but it seems it might be helping me. Everything he said and my x-rays all added up and I’m assuming if this doesn’t work the next step is surgery and I really really don’t want that.

I have 2 more chiro appointments this week and 6 more after that. I want to update here about it in case anyone else ever goes through this and wants to know what works and what doesn’t. I feel so hopeless most of the time with this and I’m ready for some hope again.

My Life Via Instagram

I’m not someone who thinks they are a photographer through instagram. I’m also not someone who posts images by other people or someone who constantly takes selfies. I just like to share my life and what I see. I love photography but I can’t always carry around my big ol Canon so luckily my phone takes pretty nice shots. Here are some more.