Versatile Blogger Award

Nominated by Jenny Pugh! Mind you my British Telly blog was the one that was mentioned but I don’t usually post personal things on that blog so I’m putting that here.


I don’t have a lot of bloggers to recommend because I’ve only just gotten back into blogging again, even though I’ve been doing it for years.

Some oldies but goodies I still follow:


Tara Lynn Johnson

The Absence of Alternatives

I Eat Pop Tarts

Some new blogs:

The World of Jenny Pugh

A Little British Pea

Anteater in Bristol

7 things about me:

1. I’m a huge Anglophile and am obsessed with everything British. I especially love British television like Skins, Misfits and Luther.

2. I’m such a cat person. I’ve had cats my whole life and still miss the ones I lost. I have no plans to have any children but as far as I’m concerned my cats are my children.

3. I was raised Jewsih (had a Bat Mitzvah and everything) but I’m now athiest.

4. I do portrait photography on the side and all my other photography is all hobby. I love it, it’s when I feel the most calm.

5. I was at Woodstock 99.

6. I had my first date at age 4.

7. I get night terrors.


Everyone Loves Miles

It’s so funny, everyone is crazy about Miles. I’m not sure what it is. I mean I adore him but I also adore Aurora and adored Pilot so I think they are all beyond adorable. Maybe part of it is that he’s all black head to toe and polydactyl. Maybe it’s that his eyes are so often so wide and curious. Maybe it’s that he’s really friendly and will come sit on your lap. Maybe it’s that he looks like a tiny panther.

I started a Facebook page for him because people are so in love with him. He’s incredibly photogenic so for someone who loves to take pictures of her cats I have a lot of pictures in only a handful of months that I’ve spent with him.

His background is he was living on the street for a while and a nice woman took him in. She then brought him to the local vet and soon after that we met him and adopted him. While living on the street he had some kind of fight and has a bunch of scars on his back mostly. I joke that his scars are like comb-overs, these bald patches that have fur sort of covering them.

So here are some pictures of him.





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Why Veronica Mars Rules

Why Veronica Mars Rules

If you haven’t seen Veronica Mars yet and are now curious from all the chatter about it, here is why you should give it a try.


I won’t deny that Logan and Veronica are a huge part of my adoration of this show.







and this line.


Veronica and her dad are the best.



The show isn’t just funny and clever but it has it’s real honest moments.



And just some great moments.




Ready. Set. Veronica Mars Movie


I had some very good news today, though possibly not news some might consider exciting but I certainly do. I found out that the Veronica Mars Movie is an actual possibility! There is a Kickstarter just for this movie and they are trying to raise a whopping $2,000,000!! In one day they’ve reached nearly $700,000 but the momentum has to continue.

I never thought I’d like the show Veronica Mars, not because it was a teen show on the WB or CW or whatever it was back then, but because at a point in my life I wasn’t really drawn to crime shows. I also wondered if this show was at all scifi because the whole “Mars” thing threw me off. I’m not proud of this fact but there it is.

A friend convinced me to try the show that I’d probably like it and a couple years, a copy of the entire series (including season 3) and many many viewings I’m a huge fan. Just now I’m thinking it’s only been too long since I’ve watched the whole show, which is probably like 3 or 4 months.

Oh yeah, I’ve also written some fanfiction for the show, which I think is half decent…for fanfiction. It takes place at the same time the movie would take place: at their 10 year reunion. I’d be happy to have Rob Thomas use some of my ideas if he wanted to, I wouldn’t even ask for anything but maybe a picture with the cast. Ok, I’m now officially sounding like a teenager.

More posts on Veronica Mars will come in the future, keep posted and go donate!