Fighter Pilot: Going Strong

I’m absolutely amazed at how well he’s adjusted, it’s almost as if nothing at all has happened to him. He now jumps up and jumps down really easily. He runs faster than I can catch him, which I know from experience. I swear that right after the surgery he was depressed and upset about it all but now he’s back to his old sweet and grump at times self.

When my BIL and SIL came over for dinner recently they were sitting on the sofa. Pilot jumped up and sat right between them like they were best buddies. He then curled up and snuggled both of them and seeing that reminded me of why we went through what we went through. He’s such a special little guy (and I don’t say cat because he’s so much more than a cat). Here are some more pictures of his journey, those these are about a month or so old.

Day Outside

Day Outside

You can see more pictures in his Fighter Pilot album.